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We had so much fun trolling through the Virgin Islands with you both. Thank you for giving us a fantastic honeymoon experience.

It's difficult to narrow down the best part of the trip. So here are a few we'll remember most...
bulletThe honeymoon pretzel <3
bulletDiving the Wreck of the Rhone
bulletSnorkeling and seeing our first sea turtle and octopus, oh and that spotted eagle ray!
bulletButch wiggling into our bunk
bulletThe bath's

Hugs and Happy Sailing Fair winds and following seas, Butch & Liz

GO GATOR!!! Pflugerville, TX

Such a great experience! We're thankful to have found you both and hope to see you again in the future.

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 ~~~   Jamie and Cameron ~~~ Honeymoon

Curt & Victoria ~ Thank you so much for an amazing week. You are right it takes a few days to get used to the boat and now we have to leave. ):    Thank you for showing us St. Thomas, Culebra, and real sailing!!! I hope to see you very soon in Seattle. ~ Jamie Koll opps... Miller

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Eagle Ray

I finally got the vacation I had always talked about, and more. Total relaxation and fun. What phenomenal you guys are! Gormet cusine, better then I though possible out at sea. I wish you both all the best in your future adventures and we will see you either in the Caribbean or the San Juans, in the not too distant future! ~ Cameron Miller

Barry the Barracuda
Sea Turtle
Zombie children
SOB, SOB, and more SOB

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Thank you for showing us the beauty of the Virgin Islands. We enjoyed our week on Billy Jean in the heat and will freeze when we return back to Alaska.

Your knowledge of the islands will make this a trip we'll never forget. All of us, Riley included thorally  enjoyed your wonderful cooking! Every meal being a new favorite for Andy! :-) You couldn't have mapped out a better trip for us. From our first night in St. John, to Peter island, Virgin Gorda, Lienster bay then to 4th of July Carnival in St. John. We'll never forget the trip. HEART Tamara and Andy


Come visit and bring "BUG DOPE"


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Thank you for taking us to all the beautiful sites in the British Virgin islands. This has been a trip full of great memories & the best honeymoon I could have ever dreamed of... it will provide great memories and a  lifetime of laughter.  Mark.  GO TIGERS!!!

Have a great time at your daughter's wedding! Thank you for being flexible with us. We saw everything we ever dreamed of ~ the snorkeling was awesome! Thank you for letting us use your underwater camara. Thank you for the bandage and care for the jelly fish bites!  :-) We were able to relax and party ~ a wonderful combination for the start of our new life together. Best of luck <3 Sonya


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Thank you so much for the wonderful beginning to our week honeymoon, the snorkeling diving, swimming, boating and remoras' were awesome. Thanks to you both for the great recipes ideas too... delicious food!!! Plans change like the seas! Sorry for being such A.D.D. problem children! Thanks for all the understanding & Patience! Good luck on your future voyages! Asheley Smith

Where to start, first thank you for a great time and the snorkeling, swimming, hiking, chess games and great food. We enjoyed it all. look forward to a chess rematch and to our next sail on Billy Jean. Thanks, Mark Smith


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Thanks for showing us an AMAZING time. This will be hard to beat. Here are my top 10 memories:

  1. your good cooking
  2. swimming with the turtles
  3. British Flags?
  4. flirty old woman
  5. two words: SHOT SKI
  6. the Zen master of the baths
  7. using Tammy's boob to get free liquor
  8. fighting fish and the octopus
  9. 5 cent Pepsi
  10. late night scotch

Love Todd

I can honestly say this trip has transformed me into a new woman! Not only am I ten shades darker, I am feeling more Zen then ever. Luckily we made our trip documented in pictures because friends and family back home are not going to believe the amazing stories and times that we shared with you. (Even if they are slightly over embellished)! Todd & I truly enjoyed your cooking, company and kind hospitality here on BILLY JEAN. I am going to tell all my friends back home that this vacation has BEEN THE BEST EVER. One hundred times thank you and happy sailing to you both in the future!

Much Love Tammy

Hey Mon,

Me had DEM Mash-up Time with BILLY JEAN. Tanks for Everytin'.

Me love you LONG TIME!


Surfer in large swell!

click on pictures!!!

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Surprise!!! Happy 50th Birthday!!! Eah!!

Thanks for everything! It's been a great way to spend a landmark birthday with great company and natural beauty! Something the is seldom mentioned ~ I especially enjoyed seeing the love and affection you have for each other. You both remind me of Cori and I in this regard. Take care the both of you and perhaps we will cross paths again!!  Rob Dallaire Jan 2010   PS Thanks for the HOOKAH!!! , hehe!

Thanks again for the incredible experience. This has been an adventure we will remember always. You have been wonderful host and guides and I wish you all the best.  Cori Myroon

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Thank you so much for giving Dan & I the best honeymoon that we have had yet! I can say that I had the Best Thanksgiving dinner ever and who would have thought it would be at the Fat Virgin! The food was to die for. Victoria thank you again for a wonderful week! Love always Dan & Jennie Martin
Thank you for a wonderful experience on Billy Jean! truly a lifetime experience and fore sure the only way to see the islands. Your hospitality, food and conversations was outstanding. Our memories will last a lifetime. Thank you! Dan.


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  Thank you for making our vacation (wedding, honeymoon, etc.) so pleasant. We started hopeful and afraid at the same time, not knowing exactly what to expect with us 3 on the same boat, but surprise surprise: we enjoyed the snorkeling, the food, the drinks and loved your jokes. English lessons for our little one and we understand better how peaceful "Victoria Busy" can be sometimes. Thanks for all, it's been a week to remember and we will try to do it again in the future.  Alina & Andra  


  We, Alina, Andra & Victor appreciate your hospitably, sensitivity and helpful child raising lessons, your food and drinks were wonderful and perfectly matched. Snorkeling was great in the  USVI and BVI. Our Wedding, Honeymoon became more special because of you. Victor & Andra  

Thanks for Knife, spoon, fork....  Andra


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Thanks for great trip. We loved the food, drinks and company. We loved the boat. Billy Jean was a fabulous place  to spend our 20th anniversary. Billy Jean a romantic and comfortable place to relax. I will miss Curt's late talks about life and politics. I will miss the wicked star show. I am so glad we had the two of you to explore the sea with.     Susan Oliver

Thanks for allowing us to spend our 20th anniversary aboard Billy Jen. The two of you are great host and made us feel at home. This is one trip where the memories will last for a life time. Thanks again..... Dan Oliver

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Wow! What more can be said. Our third trip with the Billy Jean and you, couldn't ask for more. Ok you could, but nobody listens to me anyway.

Anyhow it was great to be back. Our favorite memories and stories always seem to be about our experiences with Curt & Victoria. This trip will just add more stories and memories. It was a wonderful way to celebrate 15 years of marriage.

Who knows when the 4th trip will be, but I am already looking forward to it. You guys are the best! Doug Baker, Branson MO

From snorkeling with spotted eagle rays & turtles, feeding remoras and watching the wonderings of a pair of dolphins, to dancing, flashing & mooning at Willy T's. Of course as always good food and company! Then there is the land excursions to Jimmy Buffams that I will never forget and my hubby will be eternally grateful for... So thanks Curt & Victoria for another wonderful time aboard the Billy Jean

PS   I get it.    It took me a while, but I get it.

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The 4th trip on Billy Jean

   To Curt & Victoria

What you get when you mix a German, an A.D.D. Diva, a deaf Irishman & a High Priestess Princess.....

10 days of fun in the sun! We had a wonderful 4th sail on the Billy Jean and look forward to next year!!! We are both relaxed & recharged ready to face the return trip home, filled with fond memories and smiles on our faces.       Barney & Gina Lee Kister


PS "The dogs are Gay?!?!"

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 To Curt and Victoria and , of course, Billy Jean, thank you so much for a wonderful time! Our honeymoon was a whirlwind of snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, sunning and most importantly ~ Pirates!!! You two are gracious and fun ~ What would we do without our German Master & Commander or our Puerto Rican Princess? Thank you for carrying us safely here and there ~ pointing out he best spots ~and mostly cooking great food! Prost!!!!

  All our Love, Chris & Kate Farrell   

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Terese & Michael's Thank you for the beautiful trip! Relaxing aboard the Billy Jean was amazing. We loved the sailing, the food was excellent and you were both gracious host. Our trip was a mixture of adventure, relaxation & culinary delights.

Thank you

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Hillary & Jay celebrate 5 wonderful years together, without the 5 kids!!!!

~ By far the most beautiful scenery we've ever seen. ~ And the best food, (and healthiest!) by the greatest chef, Victoria, and her "sidekick", Curt!  But, on the last night he proved he wasn't just another pretty face, he can cook too! (....Yummy Banana Pancakes, Fantastic meals made by both our host!) ~ We went  to ~    St. John & SNORKELED! checked in @ Tortola, then Cooper Island . Next came Virgin Gorda! (my personal Favorite), Saba Rock , the "Bitter End"... "Hello!!! I am German!!", Franklyn at  The Rock and the next morning The Baths! (Jays Fav). We saw , "Baby!" , the newly named "PeckerRock" , a FLAMINGO! , A Double Rainbow!!   and finally"Willy T's". ~ Thank you to you both for a FABULOUS & very memorable adventure!!! 

xoxo Hillary & Jay "him"

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Dear Curt & Victoria,             Billy Jean is my lover!!!!             October 5 to 12, 2008

Thank you so much for an unforgettable "Honeymoon"! This has definitely been a week full of memories for both of us ~ a trip that we'll reminisce about forever. Some of our favorite times:

Driving on the "wrong" (left) side of the road.

The food & drinks ~ amazing! (I'm going to e-mail you for recipes!)

SNORKELING in the beautiful, crystal clear water ~ a first for Deanne.

Barracuda that circled the boat, and feeding the remora.

And many more.........

But most importantly, you've been the best hosts in the world! Thanks so much for your gracious hospitality, the camaraderie, and wonderful conversations. We hope you will visit us at Lake Oconee in GA, and we'd love to bring the bass boat to FL!

Brandon & Deanne Rosso, Bishop Georgia

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Thank you so much for your hospitality! this trip was more then we could have imagined! The perfect vacation that we both needed. Great Weather ~ Great Food ~ Great Conversations. The week flew by but this has been an amazing experience that we will never forget. And we owe it all to you!! You have perfected your business and it shows! It was wonderful getting to know you both, what a fun couple!! We wish you the best in everything you do and hopefully we will be back for more! Thanks again for everything. Rachael & Even


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Where is North?

E ç


Curt & Victoria,

We had a great time. It was different! The food was great & the drinks were great.

We started out white & now I (Nickie) am red.

For the two peps from Arizona the water was chilly.

Come see us in Arizona for a different heat.

Always & Different, Nickie & Ross Kinsey



        è W


It's going to rain.


Where's the bathroom?

The two of you are like a living book!




Curt I fixed it!

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Well, what can we say? Three times a charm! Barney and I work very hard through out the year and our travel schedules have become more hectic then ever! But at the end of our day, when we put our heads down on our pillows ~ one thing that keeps us motivated: to step on the Billy Jean and set sail off to  some beautiful island with a great couple we now call "Friends". Thank you for bringing us peace and calm back to our world. All the sleep that we have aver lost (since the day we were born) we caught up with our "shut eye" on the Billy Jean. It will be said to leave you both as we are sad to go home. You guys have re-energized our batteries! Now we will be fully equipped for Barney to continue his success with his Carbon 6 project and for me to continue to help American look younger. Looking forward to seeing your happy smiles in October 2008. Love, Barney & Gina Lee    xox

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Curt and Victoria were generous enough to share this with us ...

click on photos to enlarge

A recipe for a superb vacation

Start by removing from -45º icebox and quickly warm by 70ºc.

Allow adequate time to settle with a marinade of wine.

Begin by briefly mixing and tossing then while things relax, slow the process. Sit overnight to allow a rest of still and quiet.

Start adding the following ingredients in no particular order:

incredible snorkelingstargazing topped with a lunar eclipseVirgin Gorda scootingbird and fish watchinga variety of motor and sailwonderful mealsawesome meals

The secret is just the right mixture of sun, cloud, wind, rain and calm.

Throughout freely add stimulating conversations and laughter to taste with generous amounts of wine and other liquids.

The special seasoning is the love and partnership that Curt and Victoria share.

The Billy Jean is the perfect vessel for preparing this banquet. Thanks for the wonderful 10 days.

Dan & Lois Grabke, Yellowknife, North Territories, Canada 

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... for showing us the stars.

... for great music!

Dear Kurt & Victoria, Thank you...

 for sharing paradise with us! It was the best way to start our honeymoon, no doubt! We could not have asked for better ~ beautiful weather, wonderful food and wine & wonderful people! You are an inspiration! We wish you all the best!

Love Ellen & Tim

... for having the Caribbean sun nearly for us.

... for keeping us well hydrated!

... for yummy, yummy food!


... for teaching us the difference.

... for intruding us to our favorite fish.

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We left Quebec City in a snow storm one week ago! Sun, sand, sail and sex for a week in paradise.

Thank you Victoria and Curt for making my 1st sail trip a success and my husband will be more than happy to come back sailing now that I know the wonderful world of sailing!

We look forward to gazing at the Caribbean stars but for now, we will be closer to the north star.

Have a great holiday. Thank you for the great vacation.

Marie France and Jean Pierre Bilodeau, Quebec, Canada

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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! What a wonderful trip! You made our honeymoon more special then I could have ever imagined. Thanks for helping Mike with all the planning and secret keeping. I know is not something I would have ever thought to pick on my own, but I am so glad Mike did. Thank you for providing us with the perfect environment to truly relax.

The food was to die for! I know we'll be doing our best to duplicate a few of your recipes. Thank you for teaching us that Mike actually likes everything, not anything!

We wish you all the best. Safe travels.

Thank you! Mr. Mike & Mrs. Emily Quinones

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Honeymoon Sailing......

When Nate booked this trip (our honeymoon), I was nervous ~ Who the heck books a charter in the Caribbean in the middle of hurricane season?!? I am afraid of deep water and sharks!


Ingrid went from tropical storm to tropical depression, overnight.

I stared out snorkeling with the vest and graduated to Curt saying I was a strong swimmer.

No Sharks!

I ate asparagus, beets, tomatoes and broccoli.


This is Why I'm Hot!

Trip Highlights......

Barry the barracuda and Nate teasing him with his toe.

Scooter fun on Virgin Gorda.

Having the Baths to our selves.

So much good food ~ We have been to spoiled.

Wicked Laser shows.

Showering in the rain.

Mr. & Mrs.

 Emily & Nathan Wedlock

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Kristina & Laine ~ 10 years anniversary  

Dear Billy Jean! Thank you for an amazing sailing adventure! We could not imagine a better way to see the islands!

The Food!!! The Food!!! The Food!!! Every meal was a surprise and beyond expectation!

The knowledge and expertise!!! Curt & Victoria, you both have great insights that made every day fun and exciting! Listen to Them!

Amazing hospitality!!! Thank you for catering to our every whim!

Thank you for an amazing trip! We are looking forward to another trip soon.

Sincerely, Kristina aka "Super Mommy" and Laine

P.S. Future Guest... Don't be afraid to take the scooter to the top of Virgin Gorda! And Check out Spring Bay at The Baths













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A Sailing Adventure of a Lifetime...

...with a couple that we became very comfortable with, passing the time, laughing, lounging and sharing stories. An easy passage, smooth sailing ~ nice job Curt, sailing around the rain. You guys are the best! Thanks for taking us up on the exchange. We had the time of our life's! We rekindled our love and friendship and are ready for another 10 years of marriage!

High Lights


Best weather, warm water with fabulous snorkeling


spotted eagle rays


scooter on Virgin Gorda


sex on the beach

Love Pam and Rob Decker              You always will have a place to stay in Hawaii, Waimea

Remember V & C, to save time, always carry a spoon & tie "IT" on a string! LOL ! If you have a sniffling problem ~ remember a NOSE HAIR will take care of it.

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Curt & Victoria, two love birds that sail

Who ensure a fun adventure, and

great memories with out fail.


A fun couple on the seas, who are

eager to please...

who have a kick ass time

and know where to dine.


Different coffee each day, and

the food so Devine

Great smells and tastes

Complimented with wine.


A great time we shared

the fun times seemed to fly,

Our charter was over, we said goodbye.


We love "Billy Jean"

Our trip ended to soon,

but we will charter again, with you

under the lover's moon.


Thank you,

Brad & Annie ~ Darryl & Christine



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2nd time on Billy Jean

Thank you so very much for celebrating our 13th Wedding Anniversary with us. Words cannot express the joy and peace that have fallen upon us after spending ten days in Paradise and also on thee Billy Jean with the Love Birds of all love birds! Barney and I arrived on board march 2 emotionally and physically exhausted from the hustle and bustle from working 24/7. The gift you both blessed us with gave us peace of mind, body and soul. -Also the gift of your friendship is the most meaningful to us both.

we look forward to taking another journey with you guys in 2008. Will it be July or September 2008??? We will see...

Thank you for sharing your hearts and home with us. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! may all the love & joy you share with others come back to you today and always.

With Love & Light, the Purple Dinosaur, Barney...   Bernie & Gina Lee


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Happy New Year ~ Curt, Victoria and Amanda!

A lovely vacation ~ Thank You to all!
B anana Flambé ~ "Delish!"
C ave ~ super cool
D olphin following us as we headed out!!
E xcellent, sunny weather!
F ull Moon Party! ~ so much fun ~ dancing under the moon!
G irls just wanna have fun!
H appy Hour!!!
I Love the BVI's!


J olly Roger's New Year Eve Party ~ Victoria tooting her horn!
K urt's sailing
L ovely snorkeling
M oko Jumbies ~ so cute! Loved dancing (& flashing the crowd accidently)
N orman Island ~ Willy T's
O ctopus ~ so cool!
P arty! Party! Party! ~ Pirates Party Harty! Yeah! Michael Beans!
Q ueen Angel ~beautiful 12' big!
R arr Matey ~ R is the first letter of the Pirate Alphabet
S norkeling ~ seeing turtle, octopus, tarpons (huge), beautiful fish, corals and starfish
T rellis Bay Full Moon Party
U  R the best!
V egetrian cooking ~ very good ~ thanks for adapting to our needs.
W onderful weather ~ warm water
X tradinary Vacation
Y not sail to the BVI's
Z zzz... sleeping in and relaxing!
Thanks for the memories! Love Scott & Kristen

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(Just for the hell of it)

It is impossible to say just what we liked best on this vacation ~ you know I ran out of adjectives around Day 2! Perfect weather, a full moon and starlit nights, awesome sailing and snorkeling, dolphin and stingrays, beautiful bays and beaches. Fabulous food and dangerous drinks (thanks for that delicious Cosmopolitan) rounded out this perfect vacation. Above all, it was your hospitality, easy conversations, and your passion for life that made this week so special. Thank you so much ~ we wish you the best in all your future endeavors! Bob & Petra McGregor

one margarita, two margarita, three margarita,...Floor... Thanks, Doctor Victoria

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Thank you SO MUCH!! We  had a great time with all the Island Hopping. We Loved Virgin Gorda and the Cucumber fish. The meals and drinks were great. Norman Island with Willy T's, alot of fun.We were very impressed at what you guys do in tight quathers. Good Luck! and Thanks again for having us on our 20th". The weather was good and could not have been better.

Thank you for making our 20th so special. Thia was a great experience for the two of us. Loved the BVI's and the Rock Cafe. We will never forget this trip and meeting you guys. You made great meals and great desserts!! Thank you, Chuck and Janice

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We can't thank you enough for making our honeymoon the most special week of our lives! We loved getting to know you, the BVI, and the sailing life. Your dinners and life lessons were much appreciated and enjoyed


some of our favorite memories:

          ©©the "secret beach on Anagada, followed by an illegal lunch

          ©©perfect sunsets

          ©©the huge (<20 feet at least!) shark

          ©©the most beautiful beaches

          ©©water skiing lessons

Again thank you for a wonderful trip. We can't wait to come back to see the Spanish Virgin Islands with you; hopefully you'll make room for 3!

Mr.& Mrs. Mesem, Long Island New York

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Yo-ho-ho... and here's to...

... wiping out your cache of M&M's & gummy worm!

... snorkeling, snorkeling & more snorkeling & seeing turtles, barracudas, stingrays, starfish & loads of gorgeous tropical fish.

... being promoted from swebee to rum-runner in just over a week! (way to go Bryon)

... draining your supply of Jim Beam Black & Margarita Mix (way to go Bryon, again! ;-)

... soaking up those glorious rays!

... being treated to the most amazing whale-watching ever!

... star-gazing under this glorious Caribbean sky...

...and all the AMAZING adventures (to many to mention!!) we've had these past 10 days! You're awesome host.... THANk YOU!!, Bryon and Evelyn

PS If you crave a snowy , blowy, freezing vacation... come to Canada! We'd love to reciprocate the hospitality! :-)

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The Baker Experience "Part II"



Thanks again for another wonderful vacation! The Spanish Virgin Islands are great. The whole trip was perfect. The snorkeling was the best yet especially around "Diks Bay." The kayaking was good at Porto Manglar. The sea cucumbers and starfish were bountiful.

Next time we might bring the kids...... maybe not. Sailing together with you on the Billy Jean is one of the best things we've ever done as a married couple.

Thanks for the wonderful trip, food, education and conversation.

Doug and Tisha Baker Branson MO

P.S. No Tan Lines

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We can't thank you enough for making our honeymoon trip and first sailing experience out of this world! We had so much fun, too much sun, the most delicious food and wonderful company. Thank you for making us so comfortable and "telling us" how to relax and what to do & when! We needed it!! From snorkeling around Watermelon Cay to livin' it up at Willy T's we enjoyed every miniute of it! We may not have all our "own" pictures but our memories will live on in our  minds forever! We will surely meet again, Thank you so much! With Thanks & love Bethany Roxo     God Bless!

honrymoon trip

Thank you for the wonderful honeymoon trip. From the USVI to the BVI and back again it was a honeymoon trip we will never forget. You are great people and I feel like we became friends and that is how I would measure a great crew. Besides you also made us wonderful food, from snorkeling, to Foxy's, Willy T's, Virgin Gorda Baths, the bathroom on Peter Island, our first Black Santa Cause, the ribs on St. John, everything was better then I could have imagined. Please feel free to visit us in the Northeast when you come up next. We must stay in touch. Thanks for a great honeymoon. Nate Roxo

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We can't thank-you enough for the fabulous week aboard the Billy Jean. You exceeded our expectations and we tank you for it. You took us to some of the most beautiful and breathtaking spots. We would not have been able to experience unless we were with you guys. Your experience and professional were top notch. We felt safe knowing you both had a passion for sailing. The meals you served were out of this world! The planning that went into them was much appreciated and we enjoyed every one!  Cocktails were great especially the German Chocolate Cake!

Highlights: The Baths, The Rock (spencer), ATV riding on Jost, Mark at Foxy's (one too many Firewater's), Real Estate Book, Delicious meals, perfest music, cruise ship sailing into the sunset!

Thank you again Mark & Melanie Teliska :-)  P.S. Visit us when you come to NY at Gourmeli Cafe

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The perfect honeymoon to follow the perfect wedding and hopefully to precede the perfect marriage!

We have thoroughly enjoyed every minute aboard the Billy Jean. You are both excellent host and tour guides. With in only a day or two we forgot that we were guest and felt like we were among friends.

You did such a beautiful job capturing all the fun and of course the relaxation on film. We will treasure those pictures and the memories forever.

Please let us know if and when you stumble across the perfect piece of real estate and or the perfect boat for us. Or whenever you are ready to become land lubbers and pass on the Billy Jean, give us a call.

We hope to be back vacationing again with you soon. We'll make sure to refer you to all our friends & family. They'd love it! Especially the awesome food.


Our List of Favorite Things on the Billy Jean:

Breakfast: Banana Pancake

Water Sport: water skiing

Seclude Island: Culebrita

Desert: Banana Flambé

Suggestion: nude snorkeling

Joke: the parsley joke

Lunch: Greek Salad

Drink: Rum Punch

Dinner: grouper, broccoli & potato

New Friend: Barry the barracuda

Bird: Boobies! real ones are good too

Coffee: Mocha Java

appetizer: cheese tartlets

Please come and see us next time you are in New Orleans/Mississippi. We'd love to have you stay with us or at least meet up for a quick visit.

You two are such a cute and happy couple who seem to enjoy everyday of life. Thanks for giving us an example to model our married life after! Best wishes for a long and happy life together.    Jamie & Jason Weil   very close to New Orleans


Our first sailing experience could not have been more pleasurable!  The food, so gourmet!! Billy Jean ~ she was so comfortable ~ a true home away from home. You made us feel truly welcomed. The scenery was spectacular! But ~ or shall I save "However" the host & hostess were fantastic ~ we now have new friends & family. The week went to fast. We put ourselves in "Good Hands", we will have to "sail away" again. We are so glad we met you ~ you will have to come to California!! I will think of you every time I cook one of your dishes! :)    Love Ya, Alex and Kathleen    

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January 15-22, 2005

Thank you for an incredible sailing adventures where words aren't enough. The Rain Forest was beautiful, the dining was to die for, the scenery was awe-inspiring and the company was even better!!! We will take back with us many great memories, and I take such great pride in how well I did my job during the "Chinese Fire Drill/Dinghy Rescue". Don't forget the jelly fish patrol, great political discussions, fine cigars, booby flashings and Chip's never ending "Stupidica". Absolutely the time of our lives with our new friends. Can't wait to come back for another sailing adventure with "ya'll"!!               Much Love   Chip and Michelle

We had a wonderful time, soon we will be in rehab, reminiscing all those Fantastic "Happy Hours - Happy Endings". Every day was and adventure we will never forget. The food was incredible. I especially liked Curt's coffee selection for the day. And will remember the school of jellyfish, How beautiful! and scrambling to get back to the boat. Old San Juan bought back memories from years past. We will never forget you both or this trip.     We'll be back.     Lots of Love,     Maureen and Bob

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Dec. 31, 2004 to Jan. 8, 2005

"Oh what a Year!!!"

You guys created a terrific vacation / 2nd Honeymoon for us. The BVI's are no adventure compared to the "Spanish Virgin Islands".  Go Immediately! Culebra was awesome, Flamenco Beach was the best beach I've ever seen

From there Curt and Victoria took us ~~ Cayo de Luis, Palominos, etc ~~ into the rain forest, seamlessly, great guides, great friends.      Kevin Hawley,  Lima Ohio     <--- Land of Ice Storms... --->

Whew! I was afraid Kevin would leave no room! You know how long winded people of his avocation can be... Enjoyed the stimulating conversations (political discussions), fantastic food, new and interesting to see... Great adventures and great friendships to relive over and over again... fun tid bits... the rain and rain again; "short" walk to the beach; blue Mitsubishi SUV's; San Juan policeman; diamonds are a girls best friend; country music; nightly cigars; 12 foot waves and endless swells; no land in sight! Could go on forever. Thanks for the memories; take care of your selves and Bis Morgen!    Aimee

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Christmas 2004 in Paradise!!!

Exactly what I wanted... you seemed to fulfill my week as though in my thoughts. The serenity... the awesome meals... the dives off the back of your yacht... and ooooh how can I not comment on Curt's just can't stop at one!! Victoria, when I look in the mirror I feel as though I just got a face lift... Thanks for braiding my hair everyday. Two gracious host that will not soon be forgotten.    Danielle.   and I thought I was the Queen of Cosmos... you sure are the King of Margaritas.

Thank you Victoria and Curt.  Two host who've listened to our needs and took us off the beaten path. Made it possible to see shark, squid, turtles, ray's and many types of snorkel heaven. The fun, the meals, the drinks, a shared taste of! scotch whiskey...!! Fishing on a sail boat is fun, but catching fish is great fun. We will remember you both, just as much as our trip. Michell

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November 1, 2004

A surprise trip back to the islands... But this time so much better, cause we're staying on "The Billy Jean" "V" the only important part comes after But!
Sad times cuz we came as strangers and now we feel like old friends. Dave and Heidi from Tussy Mountin PA Awesome time you 2 Rock!
C & V Thank you so much for a great five days. All I can say is "Ricky you got a lot of ***splaining to do - you are the best- Thank you

Lucy and Ricky

Pic to be added of

V & C

skiing in PA!!!

Remember - what happens on Billy Jean stays on Billy Jean, Right? ***Crown Royal,tequlia, vodka, rum, wine

Made me do it!!???

Oh my God we had so much fun -- "Jersey Girl"

Great food, drink & #?*#* you know all that other stuff!

Next time can you park a little closer to "Willy T's"? leaving on a jet plane - don't know when we'll be back again...

BUT...we will be back.   "D"

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October 27, 2004

What can we say other then, "You Guys Rock". What an awesome vacation... We'll certainly never go back to staying at any boring resorts!

Secondly, thank you both so much for going out of your way to see to our every need. We loved Virgin Gorda and we were trilled to see the baths! The scooter was a blast and so was the lobster at The Rock! The snorkel spots were top notch... even if Scott was a bit afraid of the Barracuda! You even got me to try Sushi... although you couldn't quite see me in jumping at Willy T's. We'll certainly be back... maybe with the girls... or maybe not. You are wonderful people with a love for what you do that really shows!

Thanks Again Steph $ Scott Sloan

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Sept 7, 2004

Curt and Victoria

Thank you for such a special time. We loved the islands and the scuba diving. Thank you so much for accommodating our special diet and making such wonderful food. We had such a great time, we want to get our own boat. This was a wonderful honeymoon. Next time we see Anegada.

Thanks, Kimberly Jensen

Thanks for such an awesome time! snorkeling, kayaking, star gazing and the meals were fantastic! We look forward to seeing you again.



Noooo Problems!    Todd Stedl

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 August 13 to 17, 2004

Curt and Victoria ~

When John first began planning to take a trip on a boat I was really apprehensive. After a couple of years of him talking about it I decided to try it. What a Great trip!! Why did we wait? As always, John was right! It was truly a great experience. Both of you were a great fit for us. You are such wonderful host. Victoria taught me about the stars and Curt has given John a quick German lesson to impress all his cattle friends. The snorkeling has been super and Betty has actually began to relax~~~ The food? What can we say? Absolutely Superb!! I'm telling you ~ there should be a cookbook!! The evening meals and late night conversation were the best. Thanks for helping us celebrate our 30th Anniversary. Forever great memories....  Betty Lehman, KS

   As usual, Betty has said all that can be said! Thanks for making everything so enjoyable for her ( I knew I would love it). Today I Love You, tomorrow when I get on the scale, Maybe not. Thanks for a great time     John Lehman, KS

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Wicked Honeymooners!!!

As you both know I have been planning our honeymoon for 6 months. Planning counts for nothing if the execution is poor. You guys have made this the best holiday I have ever been on due to the exact execution of the whole trip. You have ensured that our every need was taken care of. Great food, great drinking, great nights out and most of all Great Conversations, where we had a true meet of the minds, willingness to understand each others point of view. God Bless you both.  Thanks for a WICKED HONEYMOON.   Ollie Imuro, Reading UK

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