Start and end your Virgin Islands sailing vacation in St, Thomas, US Virgin Islands (airport code STT) and visit the US (St, Thomas, St, John) and the British Virgin Islands (Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Jost van Dyke, Peter Island, Norman Island etc), Or start and end in West End, Tortola, BVI Beef Island (airport code EIS) to visit the northern part of the BVI like Marina Cay, North Sound Bitter End, Anegada, Dog Islands, Virgin Gorda etc. A relocation fee may apply.

Sample itinerary for USVI St, Thomas - BVI - St, Thomas:      

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1st day:
We welcome you aboard the sailing yacht  BILLY JEAN at 2:00 pm and  explain to you all the things you have to know about "living aboard". Set  sail to St. John, anchor in Francis Bay, St. John and have your first swim and snorkel in the blue Caribbean waters.

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2nd day:
After breakfast we head to West End Tortola,  Soper's Hole to check into the BVI waters. You have the opportunity do do some shopping ashore. After lunch we sail towards Cooper Island. The Cooper Island Beach Club is known for his excellent tropical drinks. Dinner al fresco in the protected cockpit of Billy Jean after the sunset ends another beautiful day in paradise.

3rd day:
One to two hours of sailing will bring us to Virgin Gorda, where we dock in the marina of Spanish Town. From here to take a taxi to The Top of The Baths and explore one of the most unique site in this area: the Devils Bay trail through The Baths.

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Spanish Town is also the perfect place for you to have a night out and dine in one of the typical restaurants. Wednesdays and Fridays a local band is playing live music for you to dance the night away.

4th day:

In the morning you can take a short walk to one of the most exclusive resorts on Virgin Gorda: Little Dix Bay. You are welcome on their palm fringed, picture  perfect beach for launching and sunbathing and for a drink, of course. We leave the marina after lunch for a nice down wind sail to Peter Island. Great Harbor is the perfect place for waterskiing and the beautiful beach of the Peter Island Resort is only a short walk away.

5th day:

A short sail brings us to Norman Island, The Bight. You can take the ocean kayak for a ride to the snorkel spot The Caves.

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We anchor close to the world famous swimming bar and restaurant Willy T's (William Thornton). After dinner on board and some drinks to warm up we dinghy over and party at the bar.  For the more adventurous type: you can experience  a "body shot",  get (temporary) tattooed.

6th day:

With the wind from behind we have a nice sail to St, John and pick up a mooring in one of the national park coves, Leinster Bay. This is a very quiet place with Watermelon Cay as an excellent snorkel spot. Because there is no artificial light at night it makes also one of the best spots for stargazing.

7th day:
We set sail to Cruz Bay, St, John where we check back into US territory. We have lunch ashore in the local shack "Uncle Joes" for the best BBQ ribs and chicken on the islands. We then head back to St. Thomas for an great night out in Redhook or down town Charlotte Amalie.

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8th day:
fter breakfast and a short trip back to Red Hook you will have to say good bye to BILLY JEAN, your swimming home for the past week. We are sure you will have had an unforgettable week.

This example is just one of the numerous ways to see the islands. Some times we also visit Jost Van Dyke with the famous beach bar FOXY'S or we show you more of the national park of St, John. The final itinerary is made according to your needs and depending on the actual weather conditions. The final decision is always made by the captain.

 Interesting Stargazing Dates


Summer Triangle

The summer sky in the northern hemisphere is dominated by three brilliant stars Vega, Deneb, and Altair set in a large triangle. This is called the Summer Triangle not an "official" constellation, but rather just an interesting pattern among the stars. Each of the three stars in the Summer Triangle belongs to a separate constellation.

Brightest of the triangle's stars is Vega, found high overhead during the months of July, August, and September. Vega is a brilliant blue-white star that glistens like a diamond within the constellation Lyra the Lyre. This is the mythical musical instrument of Orpheus, son of the sun god Apollo. Apollo taught Orpheus to play the instrument so beautifully that even savage beasts were soothed into submission. After Orpheus died, his lyre continued to play lyrical music, and so was placed in the sky by the gods for all to see. Vega represents part of the lyre's handle, while four faint stars depict the instrument's main body where the strings are strung.

Leave the triangle temporarily by drawing an imaginary line between Vega and the springtime star Arcturus, still visible as an orangish beacon in the northwestern sky. About a third of the way along that line are the faint stars of Hercules the Giant. All are visible only from darker suburban or rural skies. Four stars nicknamed the Keystone create his torso. Two curved lines of stars extending southward form his arms, while two other star-curves stretch out to the Keystone's north to form his legs. That's right, the celestial Hercules is standing upside down, apparently on the head of Draco the Dragon.

Currently only one other planet is easily visible in the night sky - Saturn. To see Saturn you will either have to stay up late or to get up early. Saturn is found against the background of stars of the constellation Leo, the Lion. To the east of Saturn the bright star Regulus marks the heart of the Lion.

Many other sky legends may be found in "Soap Operas Of The Sky", a stargazing guide by Jeannie Kuich.

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The sailing yacht Billy Jean is the perfect destination for a romantic Virgin Islands honeymoon.


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